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Business analysis service transforms your business

Zeal Solutions Business & Analytics services assist clients with prime concerns around the  data approach, analytics and use cases.  Our proven expertise helps you harness the power of all disruptive next-gen technologies, to unlock multifold amplified outcomes for your business. Our talented business analysts work to attain your business KPIs. As well, they act as a communication bridge between you and the development team that will digitize your idea or improve an existing product.

Our Solutions

Requirements Analysis

Together with key company stakeholders, we will discuss your project vision, elicit and evaluate your requirements, prepare specification documentation, and define the future project scope.

Process Analysis

After all the initial specifications are set, we will analyze your current process, business domain specifications, and identify your target audience and the problem which your product will attempt to solve. 

Technical Research

Our experts will determine areas in which specific technology can add value and present a report with a list of recommendations and technologies/frameworks that best fit your project’s KPIs.

Competitor Analysis

We will build a competitive profile matrix to understand your market competition, devise an effective product quality roadmap, and help you achieve greater user engagement and better market positioning.

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